Understand BoostAero and BoostAeroSpace

BoostAero XML eSupply Chain standards of the «Aerospace&Defence» industry

The non-profit BoostAero International Association was created in May 2006 by the 5 Founding Members: GIFAS, Dassault Aviation, Safran Group, Exostar (*), Thales Group.

Its mission is to support Aerospace & Defense industry by creating and maintaining e-Supply Chain standard; BoostAero XML. The standard has been filed at UN/CEFACT (**) by both the ASD (European association of Aerospace & Defense) and AIA (US A & D association). It is compliant with UN/CEFACT recommendations, in order to guarantee quality and operability of the standard.

The ASD consultative committee, the SSG (Strategic Standardization Group), recommends to use BoostAero XML as THE e-Supply Chain Standard of the industry.

As a result, BoostAero XML is used as the machine to machine (M2M) standard exchange format on the AirSupply platform of the European hub, BoostAeroSpace.

The BoostAero XML standard covers 4 layers: Business Process, Semantics, Syntax, and Technical Architecture. BoostAero International works both on Direct exchanges and exchanges through the AirSupply platform.

Any company wanting to set up e-Supply Chain relationships with their customers or suppliers based on the Aerospace & Defense international standard (BoostAero XML) are invited to join the BoostAero Association.

(*) (Hub of Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, BAE Systems and Rolls Royce)

(**)(United Nation association in charge of logistics exchange standardization)

The standard procurement modes handled by BoostAero Standard and covered in AirSupply are the following :

BoostAeroSpace, a joint initiative to increase European Aerospace & Defence competitiveness

Airbus, Dassault Aviation, Safran, Thales have created BoostAeroSpace secured collaboration Hub, Cloud  to be used by the whole industry because competitiveness must be organised at industry level.

BoostAeroSpace covers the main collaborations areas of the extended enterprise and propose several services :

  • AirCollab
  • AirDesign
  • AirSupply
  • AirCyber
  • AirConnect

AirSupply is the European Supply Chain Portal of the AS&D industry.