BAI 4 Main Initiatives

Develop and maintain the standard
  • Creation and maintenance of the e-Supply Chain BoostAero XML standard. For instance when there is a development of a new functionality on AirSupply
  • Analyze all AirSupply change request impacts on the BoostAero XML messages
  • Be in charge of the technical evolution of the standard and its compliance with UN/CEFACT ebXML
Community management
  • Organize working groups and promote free exchange of feedbacks and experiences between members
  • Organize meetings on e-Supply chain and M2M best practices
  • Create Newsletters to keep the A&D updated with the activities of the association
Technical management
  • Defend the interest of the Aerospace industry to the UN/CEFACT
  • Be an involved actor in the Aerospace industry by participating in working groups as
    • AeroSpace and Defence Strategic Standardization Group (ASD SSG)
    • Qualifas Group, part of GIFAS (Groupement des industries Françaises et Spaciales)
    • BNAE (Bureau de Normalisation de l’Aéraunotique et de l’Espace)
  • Share experiences and best practices with other industries by working with other digital associations : AFNet (all industries, aerospace, automotive, rail, sea, nuclear, …), GALIA (automotive), EDIFICE (high tech, electronics)
Access to the standard
  • Offer technical support for members
  • Organize BoostAero M2M trainings
  • Certify ERP editors
  • Translate BoostAero XML instances for members, before optimization, implementation in order to anticipate possible impacts
  • Give free access to BAI ressources