BoostAero Connector Certifications

  • The certification is delivered for a set of BoostAero messages after 2 main steps :
  • ATTESTATION of CONFORMITY if the product being tested meets all the requirements of the inspections 1 to 5
  • CERTFICATION when the product is successfully installed in an operational environment

Inspection N°1:

Verification of application and conformity of BoostAero sub-processes

Inspection N°2:

Traceability and Auditability of activities

Inspection N°3:

Verification of the integration of BAI documents

Inspection N°4:

Generate BoostAero instance

Certified Connector Editors:


If you want to obtain the ERP certification contact us:

Phone call: +33 6 10 25 45 59
Direct Mail: with the subject “BoostAero M2M Training”

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